Hammond Academy
August 19 2019

Local Advisory Body


Members of the Local Advisory Body

Sean Bolton – Community Governor

Trudi Dunn – Parent Governor

Kerry Graham – Staff Governor

Faye Morby – Community Governor

Governors may be contacted by letter via the school office or by email via the school admin email address admin@hammondacademy.org.uk

Annual Accounts

Accounts from August 2019 are available to download from the Aspire Academies Trust Website


My name is Sean Bolton I moved to Hertfordshire in 2017 and have been a School Governor at Hammond Academy since November 2017.  As a School Governor I lead on Health and Safety and PE.  My background is in health and social care, social work education, public reviewing and the voluntary sector. I have skills in writing reports on how to involve the public in their health and social care services and ensure that the reviews of the research funding bids have taken into account public opinion when submitting their applications on behalf of the NHS, local authority and social work students wishing to take part as part of their project research course.I enjoy quizzes and films, going out to see different places. 
I am Trudi Dunn, I have 2 children in the school and joined the LAB in late 2018. I am keen to play a part in supporting the school.I work for one of the biggest testing companies in the world and run a team who conduct thousands of inspections every month. I am very analytical, questioning and quality is in my nature and I want to use my skills from my professional career to assist the school in its aims and objectives.