Welcome to Year 6!


This half term in History, we will be learning about World War Two. As part of this topic, we will be learning about world leaders, evacuees, rationing and the Holocaust.

This is a great opportunity to speak to any members of your family who may have experiences wartime Britain. The best source of information you will have are those who have lived it! Hear some fascinating stories and first hand experiences.


In English, we have been using a grammar for writing approach to help us write a biography based on a historical person of importance. We will use our knowledge of biographies to support us for another piece of writing: a nomination letter. This will be to persuade the treasurer at the Bank of England to select our chosen person of historical importance to go on the next £20 note. We will also be exploring narrative writing based on the text Arthur, High King of Britain.

We are placing a big emphasis on spellings and joined handwriting as these are standards in the KS2 assessment framework. Students will have weekly spelling tests and handwriting practice sessions.

In reading, we are teaching daily guided reading sessions using the text Wonder. In addition to this, we have class book corners so that children can have opportunities to read throughout the day in a relaxing environment.


In Maths, we are focusing on number this half term. We will be focusing on place value and calculations involving the four main operations. It is vitally important that we ensure that the fundamental building blocks are secure so that we can move forward and develop the children’s reasoning and problem solving skills. Every week, we will also be having practise arithmetic lessons – this is to get Year 6 used to challenging arithmetic problems, and to help them practise their times tables facts and calculation skills.


In science, we are beginning by looking at animals and humans. We will study everything inside the human and animal bodies, understand similarities and differences and consider the heart, lungs, exercise, diet and healthy living.




PE is on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday , however, it is recommended that they have their PE kit in every day- just in case there are any changes.


This term in RE we will be exploring different sources of wisdom from religious books to modern day people who are considered to have shown wisdom through their lives. We will also look at the differences between knowledge and wisdom and how wisdom can help us in our own lives.


Weekly spellings

Weekly arithmetic practice

Weekly grammar practice

Topic project for each half term

If you ever have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Hiles, Mr Nanson or Ms Shergill and make an appointment to discuss the matter.