Welcome to Year 2!



Blasting off into the new year with our team, which is made up of Ms Matthews & Miss Young in Diamond and Miss Higby and Miss Lucas in Emerald class.

We start the year with our brand new autumn topic, ‘Space’. The children will be exploring the timeline of space travel, the famous Astronauts and linking to this is our science topic of healthy lifestyles and what a plant would need to survive on different planets.

As always, Math plays a key part in the year 2 curriculum and we start the term exploring number. The children will continue to build on their important problem solving skills that they developed in Year 1, which ensures that they not only can calculate an answer, but can explain why and how they have achieved this. We will be developing our understanding of how numbers are broken down to aid our reasoning within calculations. Across the year we will be doing assessment activities to support our understanding of any ‘gaps’ that your children may have within their understanding of the four mathematical concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

We continue to develop literacy through our excellent ‘Talk for Writing’ project and start the term focusing on ‘How the world was made’. Throughout the year we will cover a range of narrative and non-fiction texts for children to develop their understanding of grammar and punctuation. As always, supporting your child at home with reading, handwriting and spelling will complement their learning in school and will allow your child to achieve the best that they can. We will soon be providing opportunities for you to come into school to see how the children’s hard work and effort is paying off and we look forward to seeing you there.

Autumn 2 sees us exploring the ‘Rainforest’ which will link to our Science exploration plants and animals within their habitats. As well as getting ready for our Christmas Performance.

We then move onto our study of ‘Tudor London’ which includes the ‘Great Fire of London’ in the spring term, looking at key characters of the period as well as developing an understanding of the time line of the ‘great Fire of London and how the fire spread so fast.

Our summer term topic will be ‘The Seaside’ and we will link to our trip to the Aquarium and a visit to the seaside itself. This term we will explore the geographical features that make up our landscapes as well as further exploring the habitats of animals within their environments.

As always, should you have any question, then please do not hesitate to ask any member of the team. We are able to take brief questions on the playground, but please do ask for an appointment should you wish to discuss any matter in more detail. Please do come and see us, as we welcome opportunities to discuss your child’s learning.

Ms Matthews and Miss Higby