Learner Council

What is the learner council?
Our learner council is made up of one learner from each class from Year 2 upwards. At the start of each academic year, learners can nominate themselves to be a learner council representative. They present to their class and then the class votes for who they would like to be the rep for their class.

What do they do?

They meet with Mr Beach fortnightly and discuss a wide range of topics linked to improving the school based on the views of our learners. They take responsibility ensuring all learners views are heard, discuss charities we would like to support and bring ideas to support the leadership team to continually improve our school. We have recently introduced a ‘learner suggestion box’. Our Y6 reps bring the suggestions along to meetings.

Who are they?

This years’ representatives are:

Y2 Garnet & Jet- Matei & Jayden

Y3 Crystal & Topaz- Oliver & Yoan

Y4 Coral & Sunstone- Maya & King

Y5 Pearl & Jade- Melissa & Zayna

Y6 Diamond & Emerald- Sofia & Trivian

HOPE Ambassadors

Our HOPE council is composed of one representative from each class, Year 2 upwards. Alongside Miss Lynas and our Year 6 HOPE Vice President, they are dedicated to championing Hammond’s sustainability journey by providing improvement ideas, raising awareness and helping to install new changes to make our school environment more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Our ambassadors this year are:

No Outsider Ambassadors

From September 2023, we introduced the ‘No Outsiders’ approach across the school.
Each year, two Year 5 learners will be nominated to support the Inclusion team by taking on the role of ‘No Outsiders’ ambassadors. Their role is to ensure no one feels like an outsider in our school and everyone feels welcome.

Our ambassadors this year are:

Olivia & Toby

Bronze Ambassadors & Sports Council

The main role of our Sports Council is to be excellent sporting role models to other children in the school, not just in PE lessons but at playtimes, lunchtimes and in extra-curricular clubs.  The Sports Council also assist in large sports events across the year and play a vital role in the running of our sports day in the summer term.

Our sports council and ambassadors are being voted in shortly.

Sports Events and Social Media

During the year our sports teams represent our school at many events in a wide variety of sports.  All of these events are captured and posted on our PE Instagram page.  Find us by searching ‘hamm0ndPE’ into the Instagram app.  We also cover the day to day PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs, alongside all PE news and updates.

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