Support available at Hammond:

At Hammond Academy, we are fortunate to have an experienced, knowledgeable and approachable Inclusion team.

Who we are:

Mr Beach- Assistant Principal (Inclusion)

Mr Beach oversees Inclusion at Hammond. He has over 10 years experience in education including previously working as a SENDCo and holds the National Award for SEND Coordination (NASENCo). Mr Beach runs the parent forum at Hammond, is one of the Lead DSP’s for Safeguarding and is responsible for CLA, learners in receipt of PPG funding and oversees the provision in place to meet the needs of our learners.

Mrs Bloomfield- SENDCo

Mrs Bloomfield is an experienced, knowledgeable SENDCo. Her working days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Tuesday’s, Mrs Bloomfield is based in Year 1. She also holds to National Award for SEND Coordination (NASENCo). Mrs Bloomfield oversees the SEND provision at Hammond and is one the the Lead DSP’s for Safeguarding.

Mrs Young- Pastoral & Family Support

Mrs Young is an experienced practitioner who provides both 1-1 and group sessions for learners requiring pastoral interventions. Mrs Young also works with families who need additional support. She supports the transition of new learners to our school, transition between year groups and to secondary schools. She also supports in lunch club each day and works closely with a range of professionals. Mrs Young works across the school and is based in our new Family and Therapy room.

Mrs Watson- Learning Mentor & Thrive Practitioner

Mrs Watson is also an experienced practitioner and works at Hammond as our Learning Mentor and Thrive Practitioner. Her role involves working across the school either 1-1 or in small groups to support learners Social, Emotional and Mental Health as well as their Communication and Interaction skills. She also supports daily in our lunch club provision.
Mrs Watson has recently started working with our new Trust Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) to implement additional support in this area.

How to contact us:

Please contact the Inclusion team for more information by email ( or by speaking to use in person at drop off. Alternatively, you can book an appointment through the school office.

Support available in the local area:

Delivering Special Provision Locally is a Hertfordshire-wide initiative, working to improve the range of provision and support services available for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, aged 0-25.

It aims to secure a range of provision, support services and resources in each area that:

• meets the needs of children and young people with SEND aged 0-25 as close to home as possible

• improves outcomes for wellbeing and attainment

• widens choice for children and parents/carers

• removes barriers to learning

• uses resources effectively

Dacorum DSPL (DSPL Area 8) is one of 9 areas in Hertfordshire where parents, early years settings, primary and secondary schools, further education, local authority professionals and other agencies work together to review what is available and develop provision to fill in the gaps. DSPL 8 provide alot of courses, support and advice for parents/carers to access. Such support is uploaded to this page (see below) and signposted on our weekly newsletters.

Please note: This page is updated regularly with courses, support and information for parents/carers.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about parental support from the DSPL and other organisations, please contact the inclusion team.

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pdf1 Day ParentCarers MHFA Training 08:49 12/21/202228.9k
pdf639 TASD Responding to Anger 1 16:58 02/25/2024344.8k
pdf640 TASD Anxiety and Stress 2 16:58 02/25/2024323.1k
pdf641 TASD Anxiety and Stress 1 16:58 02/25/2024322.6k
pdf642 TASD Responding to Anger 2 16:58 02/25/2024344.9k
pdf643 TASD Coping with Change 16:58 02/25/2024346.7k
pdf644 TASD School Avoidance 16:58 02/25/2024344.3k
pdfADHD Support Groups for Parents 19:40 10/10/2022142.9k
pdfAnxiety & Attendance Part 2 13 3 24 11:01 03/01/2024153.1k
pdfBeeZee Lite 19:40 10/10/20221.6M
docxCost of Living Help And Tips 2 (1) 09:49 11/24/2022564.9k
pdfDFS Prospectus Quick 19:40 10/10/2022325.6k
pdfDSPL8 ParentsCarers Newsletter Spring Term 20 03 2024 15:54 03/20/20242.3M
pdfDacorum Parenting Course Brochure Spring 2024 15:22 12/12/202316.5M
pdfDacorum ParentCarers Courses and Support Spring Term 20 03 2024 15:54 03/20/20241.8M
pdfFit and Fed Feb Half Term A4 Poster 14:12 01/25/20241013.7k
docxFlyers for Insertion in Newsletter 09:33 02/12/2024369.1k
pptxHammond Parents Tea and Talk May 2024 21:00 05/22/20243.3M
pdfHemel Hempstead Poster Bee Zee Families Jan 23 13:57 01/13/2023358.5k
pdfHerts Parenting SEN Children Through Separation Flyer 11:29 11/13/2023257.6k
pdfHerts Parenting SEN Children Through Separation Flyer Jan 2024 14:12 01/25/2024193.1k
pdfHerts Parents Carers Leaflet 11:14 02/04/202192.6k
pdfHerts Within My Reach Flyer 14:12 01/25/2024648.6k
pdfManaging Worries and Anxiety 15 05 24 15:44 04/26/2024139.4k
docxMen's Mental Health Poster 12:21 04/26/2024751.1k
pdfMoney Saving Tips 2024 11:38 02/02/2024605.6k
pdfParent Carer MHFA Training Jan 2024 08:10 01/09/202475.4k
pdfParent and Carer Wellbeing 28 02 24 09:33 02/12/2024194.5k
pdfPoster for Rolling Programme 23-24 12:14 09/22/2023158.1k
pdfSEND Advice Contact Lines Flyer 08:59 01/11/2022251.6k
jpgSocia Media Friendly Talking Teens with Supporting Links 11:17 06/17/2024386k
jpgSocial Media Friendly Talking A Needs with Supporting Links 11:17 06/17/2024343.6k
jpgSocial Media Friendly Talking Anger with Supporting Links 11:17 06/17/2024299k
jpgSocial Media Friendly Talking Anxiety with Supporting Links 11:17 06/17/2024311.1k
jpgSocial Media Friendly Talking Dads with Supporting Links 11:17 06/17/2024321.8k
jpgSocial Media Friendly Talking Families with Supporting Links 11:17 06/17/2024353.9k
jpgSupporting Links ASD & ADHD EXTRA Workshops March 2024 16:58 02/25/2024309.8k
pdfSupporting Links ASD & ADHD EXTRA Workshops March 2024 16:58 02/25/2024211.2k
pdfSupporting Links Course Brochure AUTUMN 24 11:17 06/17/2024387.4k
docxSupporting Links Referral Form 2024 (SL169) 11:17 06/17/202436k
pdfSupporting Links Talking Additional Needs Autumn 24 11:17 06/17/2024503.7k
pdfSupporting Links Talking Anger in Teens Autumn 24 11:17 06/17/2024425.9k
pdfSupporting Links Talking Anxiety in Families Autumn 24 11:17 06/17/2024439.7k
pdfSupporting Links Talking Dads Autumn 24 11:17 06/17/2024366.9k
pdfSupporting Links Talking Families Autumn 24 11:17 06/17/2024375.2k
pdfSupporting Links Talking Teens Autumn 24 11:17 06/17/2024460.2k
dbThumbs 21:00 05/22/202447k
pdfVolunteer Parent and Toddler Poster 19:40 10/10/202214.1M
pdf Herts Within My Reach Flyer 11:29 11/13/2023648.5k
pdfCost of Living Flashcard 19:09 01/15/2024209.5k