At Hammond Academy, we are proud to be a ‘No Outsiders’ school.

What is ‘No Outsiders’?

No Outsiders links closely with our inclusive ethos. It aims to promote community cohesion to prepare our learners for life as global citizens. It supports and develops learners understanding of diversity and the protected characteristics outlined in the Equality Act (2010). We believe it is important that our learners are equipped to become accepting, well-rounded and respectful citizens. We hope to achieve this by providing opportunities for learners to explore and discuss the diverse world around them through books, assemblies, discussions and throughout our curriculum.


By providing resources and training to schools, No Outsiders aims to:

  • Build confident educations
  • Engage with parents and carers
  • Empower children
  • Develop community cohesion

Where does it fit in the curriculum?

This part of the curriculum links to British Values and Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural learning (SMSC). As this is part of the school curriculum, every child takes part. No Outsiders challenges stereotypes and the use of derogatory language in lessons and around school. No Outsiders strategies reflect and value
the diversity of pupils’ experiences and provide pupils with a comprehensive understanding of people and communities within and beyond their immediate experience.

The approach was founded and is still led by Andrew Moffat, who is due to visit Hammond Academy on 27th January 2024. He will be delivering No Outsiders sessions to each class and deliver training to all staff.

What resources are used?


Assemblies are shared on the No Outsiders website for schools to access.

They can be accessed following this link:


42 picture books are used to support schools develop a curriculum response to the Equality Act 2010.

The book selection is used in the ‘No Outsiders’ scheme for schools and encourages children to explore identities, focus on diversity and embrace difference.

The book title list can be found here: No-Outsiders-Book-Pack.html#aNO03

How can I find out more information?

The books will be shared in parent forum to explore. There will be opportunities for all parents/carers to view the resources throughout the year in our open events.

We have 20 copies of the Parent/Carer guide to No Outsiders in school and a electronic version is available to download below:

If you have any further questions, please speak with Mr Beach.