Data shows Knutsford Primary Academy as one of Watford’s most popular schools

Data has recently been shared by the Watford Observer, that shows Knutsford Primary Academy as one of the most sought after primary schools in Watford.

Knutsford Primary Academy had 74 first-choice applications, for just 60 places in the 2024 September school entry.

We are delighted that Knutsford Primary Academy has been highlighted as one of Watford’s most popular schools, and believe the children and staff at the school deserve this recognition.

Knutsford Primary Academy is an inclusive school that aims to inspire their children to be happy, successful learners and responsible citizens, by providing a safe and challenging learning environment where they feel supported and nurtured. Their large, spacious building has a wide variety of teaching spaces that enables them to provide their children with wonderful learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

The school has a Good Ofsted and ranks average or above in their SAT’s results year after year, with the KS2 children scoring well above average in Maths in Summer 2023. Knutsford Primary Academy are ranked in the top 24% of schools in England (Source: locrating).

Rankings on Locrating are calculated by sorting schools on the Government’s Compare School Performance Service website, first by the percentage of pupils who meet the expected standard and then by the percentage of pupils who achieve a higher standard.