School Improvement – Autumn Term 2023

Our commitment to continuous school improvement has been steadfast, marked by a series of cross-Trust initiatives and reviews aimed at providing the very best for every pupil. The term has seen a flurry of activities, showcasing the collective dedication to enhancing and improving educational outcomes for all.

External Reviews for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
One notable highlight is the external reviews conducted for the Early Years Foundation Stage, carried out by an educational consultant, Helen Jones. This thorough examination of our provision ensured that our practices aligned with the latest standards and best practices in early childhood education, setting the foundation for a strong academic journey. Our schools found the reviews useful in highlighting our strengths and validating appropriate areas for development.

Peer Reviews
The collaborative spirit within our Trust is exemplified through our peer reviews this term. Principals within the Trust actively engaged in sharing insights and constructive feedback, fostering a culture of mutual support and improvement. Principals chose specific areas for peers to focus on, these included Diversity and EYFS. We will be including other members of school SLT’s next time.

Primary Lead Practitioners Meetings (PLP’s)
These meetings serve as hubs for sharing innovative teaching practices and strategies. Primary lead practitioners gathered to exchange ideas, ensuring that the latest pedagogical approaches are integrated into classrooms across the Trust. Our Maths, Computing and English subject leaders have met this term for useful, professional discussion.

Moderation Meetings
This term, our teachers have met within our school geographical hubs and carried out moderation meetings. These meetings serve as an opportunity to discuss teacher judgements regarding pupils learning and to share good classroom practice.

Deputy and Assistant Principal Meetings
Leadership is a crucial pillar of school improvement and we held our first meeting of the year for Deputy and Assistant Principals. This provided a platform for aligning leadership strategies, fostering a cohesive and effective administrative approach and sharing some valuable research and conversation.

Pupil Premium Audits
To ensure that every pupil receives the support they need, we have a clear focus on ensuring the pupil premium grant is used to make a difference to our most vulnerable children. This year we have conducted pupil premium audits. These audits not only identified areas for improvement but also celebrated successes in effectively utilising our resources to enhance the learning experience for our pupils.

School Improvement Meetings
At the core of our improvement efforts are dedicated school improvement meetings. Each Principal is invited to attend and discuss the progress in their individual school, against previously agreed actions. The focus is not only on individual school progress but also on identifying opportunities for cross-Trust support, leveraging strengths and expertise to support areas for development in other schools.

Addressing the diverse needs of our pupils is vital. The Trust SENDCO and Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) have already made impact in supporting our pupils and the staff who work closely with them. One of our ‘Aspire Spotlight’s’ this year is SEND. Introducing a Trust SENDCO, SALT and clear initiatives underpins our commitment to inclusivity and tailored support for every learner.

Looking to the Future
The commitment to improvement extends into the future. As we embark on the next phase of our journey, we are advertising for an Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Trust Lead. This strategic move aims to bring in fresh perspectives and expertise, further enriching our approach to early childhood education.

As we continue on this journey of collaborative improvement, we remain dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience for all our pupils, fostering an environment where each learner can thrive and reach their full potential.

Karen Cohen | Executive Principal