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Use of Social Media

Dear parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you about appropriate use of social media, especially Facebook, with regards to school. Social media can be an excellent way of communicating with the wider school community; however, we along with many other schools have a concern about this.

There have been an increasing number of incidents where parents/carers and other individuals are making comments regarding the school, its staff and sometimes other parents or even more upsetting, children. These are seen to be offensive, misguided and unwarranted.

Although it may seem the quickest and easiest way, please DO NOT use social networking for:

• Expressing frustrations or concerns about the school and those associated with it. Instead, please contact the Principal or appropriate member of staff who will discuss your concerns with you.

• Posting comments that may cause emotional or reputational harm which would not be justified, particularly if the school has not yet had a chance to investigate any complaint.

The School considers the following examples to be inappropriate uses of social networking sites.

(This list is intended to provide examples only):

• Naming children or posting any comments about children who attend Hammond Academy.

• Making allegations about staff or anyone else connected with the school.

• Making any posts that could be deemed to be cyber-bullying.

• Making complaints about the school or staff at the school.

• Making defamatory statements about the school or staff at the school.

• Posting negative or offensive comments about staff or any other individual connected to the school.

• Posting racist comments.

• Posting comments which threaten violence.

If the school considers that social networking has been used inappropriately, the following procedures will apply:

• As a first step, parents will be contacted by the school to try to resolve the matter.

• Any relevant material will be asked to be removed from the site.

• If appropriate, the police may be contacted and legal advice taken.

Again, if you have any complaint about the school, or a member of staff, you are encouraged to use the existing formal complaints process (a copy can be found in the ‘policies’ section of our website). If you have a concern, please speak to class teachers, Senior Members of staff or to Principal directly.


Kind regards

Denise Kennedy



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