Around the World in 80 Days

In Jasper we have been working really hard on our ‘Around the world in 80 days’ topic. We have been writing persuasive letters to persuade a friend to come and visit our country. We have used our imaginations to pretend we were in our countries. This helped us to make beautiful postcards to tell others about our trip and the wonderful experience we were having there.

During maths, we have been using our times tables knowledge to help us to solve word problems with the bar model. We have been listening to songs, playing games and looking at a range of techniques to help us learn our times tables. It has been really useful to us all to use resources to help us solve our times tables. This has made it much easier!


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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 2018-2019!

We are very excited to start the year with such a fantastic team.  We are also extremely fortunate to have experienced TAs and HLTAs  supporting us in our classrooms.

We start the year with our brand new autumn topic, ‘Around the world in 80 days!’, with a focus on Geography skills. The children will be choosing a country from the around the world and exploring that country in great detail to create a scrap book. To deepen your child’s understanding, it would be great if you could share photographs of places that yourself and your child has been and discussing the currency you used, things you ate and sights you saw.  Linking with the topic, the children will then learn scientific skills and knowledge through their study of the water cycle and states of matter. Allowing your child to explore these events in everyday life, such as making a cup of tea, or looking at condensation on a window, will again help your child with their learning in class. Our first trip to Affinity Water Education Centre, also provides an opportunity for the children to understand these skills in real life and to deepen their understanding of the issues surrounding our use of water.  

As always, maths plays a key part in the year 4 curriculum and we start the term exploring our understanding of place value and number. The children will continue to build on their important reasoning skills, that they developed in year 3, which ensures that they not only can calculate an answer, but can explain why and how they have achieved this. Times tables will be of high importance this year so helping your child at home, such as practicing times tables, will ensure that your child can achieve a greater understanding of the key skills that will be taught.

We continue to develop literacy through our excellent ‘Talk for Writing' project and start the term focusing on writing fiction stories and persuasive writing.  As always, supporting your child at home with reading, handwriting and spelling will complement their learning in school and will allow your child to achieve the best that they can. We will soon be providing opportunities for you to come into school to see how the children’s hard work and effort is paying off and we look forward to seeing you there.

We then move onto our study of American history in the spring term, focusing on the rights of specific cultures, such as the Native Americans and Pilgrims, and understanding the historical relationship with the UK.  Our science topic will focus on Living things and Animals, including humans.

We are hopeful to book a trip to the theatre in the Spring term to widen children’s experiences, this will also be linked to our music throughout this term.

Our summer term topic is the Egyptians and we will have an exciting opportunity to study this amazing culture through an in-depth workshop. Our science learning will focus on electricity, where the children will investigate the dangers and their knowledge of circuits and insulators.

Please do look at the curriculum map provided for more details on the curriculum overview. As always, should you have any question, then please do not hesitate to ask any member of the team. We are able to take brief questions on the playground, but please do ask for an appointment should you wish to discuss any matter in more detail. Please do come and see us, as we welcome opportunities to discuss your child’s learning.

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Year 4 Experiments


flushing experiment


Year 4 Science

This week in Jasper we took part in a science experiment surrounding out topic sound. Our big think question was ‘Does distance affect volume’.  As a class we brain stormed ways in which we could answer this question and decided on going outside: measuring a distance, making a sound and record how loud it was. We then repeated this over getting further away each time.

We loved this experiment and making a beat on the drum to hear.

Mahdiya –‘ I found out that as the distance gets further away the noise gets quieter ‘

Leon – ‘The sound waves had a longer distance to travel over so by the time we heard the noise it was quiter than before and it had to go through all of the air.