Year 3 Updates

October 2018

In PSHE we have been talking about healthy eating. We thought about all of the food groups and how we can have a balanced diet to keep ourselves healthy. We then selected a range of foods and created our ideal meal on a plate.

Bonjour! In French with Madame Doegar we have been learning the days of the week and really enjoying building our French conversational language. Merci.

We have been collecting our own data to analyse and display on a bar graph. We are able to represent these using different intervals accurately. We then created graphs to represent our findings.

During guided reading we have been reading and analysing a non-fiction instruction text called Origami. We learned that this is the craft of folding paper to create animals for example. We followed the instructions to make our own origami fish and really enjoyed it!

Year 3

Hello and welcome to the autumn term in Year 3!

In year 3 we have three classes. Mrs Smith is very excited to teach Year 3 Amethyst whilst Miss Cassidy can’t wait to teach Year 3 Moonstone. Miss Tinoco equally thrilled to be sharing the teaching in Year 3 Sapphire!

We will learn in a cross curricular way and our very first topic of the year is ‘Stone Age to the Iron Age’. We will be linking lots of our learning throughout the term to the topic so if you have any books that you think will be useful to our learning, please bring them in for us to enjoy. We are looking forward to visiting Celtic Harmony Camp on November 10th where we will learn just how people lived in the Stone and Iron Age.  

In literacy, we are kicking off the autumn term by learning all about information texts. By the end of the unit we hope to be able to write our own information text using all our new knowledge about the Stone Age!

In maths we are focussing on number, covering topics such as place value, addition and subtraction. One maths lesson per week will have a problem solving focus. Get those problem solving brains ready!

In science we will start the year by exploring rocks and soils. We will be finding out about different types of rock and finding out where soil actually comes from.

Our first D&T topic is food and we will work on the skills we have learnt during our time at Hammond to create a culinary masterpiece! During computing we will continue to use the fantastic resources available to us such as laptops and iPads, putting them to good use when we have a go at programming an animation in the first term.  

A date for your diary in the autumn term is Amethyst’s sharing assembly which will take place on November 23rd.

If you have any queries, feel free to catch your teacher for a quick chat on the playground after school, or make an appointment through the office to see us for a more in depth conversation!

Year 3 Helping Nursery with their Learning

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November Update

In English we are learning a narrative called Hamelin and have really enjoyed creating our own story maps to retell the story. We use pictures and actions to help us remember the story and are looking forward to innovating the story to create our own versions. We will be able to change the main character and the setting and get creative with the story.

This week we have become poets and created Roman calligrams about swords, shields and spears. We really enjoyed creating the poem in the shape of the item and they looked really effective.

sword year 3

We are also investigating the most water resistant material that could be used for the roof of a Roman house. We have researched materials and created an experiment to find this out!